Institutional Trading


Institutional Trading

Midway Management has the market knowledge, and network of global securities dealers, to access billions of dollars in securities your local brokerage simply cannot. We use our state of the art systems, to keep us in contact with our analysts and representatives in all markets around the world, this has enabled us to keep up to date and offer our clients more available offerings faster. Our use of technology partnered with our team’s decades of market knowledge helps us to offer our clients the right investment choices at the right time.

For our institutional traders, we offer our clients a huge array of products and services to maximize value for their organizations. Our advisors at midway know we have two ears and one mouth for a reason, we listen before we talk so that we only offer you services that are fitting for your organization. We do not instruct you, we advise you, and that is why we have been chosen by many of the world’s leading institutions for the last decade.

Our experienced brokers, and plans are tailored to suit your organization’s needs, we give you;
- Access to greater liquidity, and assistance in minimizing trading costs
- diverse exposure to the markets, enabling higher returns
- a specific plan that is built around your organizations current strategy
- access to a team of brokers available to give you real time information on your portfolio
- the ability to work with a well-known and trusted financial institution, who has been recognized for its unique approach to the markets, and client satisfaction.

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