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Investment Banking

Our Investment Banking Team has built a strong reputation by enhancing the financial prospects of our clients. Focusing on investment strategy and the latest market innovations, we provide dynamic solutions for our clients.

Whether it's long term growth, risk management or an aggressive market approach, our team has the experience to ensure that each transaction is dealt with the professionalism that you deserve.

Equity Trading

Midway Management concentrates on what matters. We have access to markets around the world. Our team is made up of trading experts who specialise in various sectors. Our traders are equipped with the right tools to thrive hand in hand with our clients.

Our diverse team continues to provide valuable insights into the daily markets. We are at the forefront of the industry; we work with high net worth individuals, corporate organisations and hedge funds.

We keep our clients happy and develop exciting opportunities to match your demands.

Fixed Income Investment

Our team caters for investors of all shapes and sizes. Our fixed income investment scheme is a reliable path for investment return on a regular basis that yields reward, with minimum risk involved.

At Midway Management, the Fixed Income Team is dedicated to delivering individuals investment solutions that are tailored by our strong market analysis.

We endeavor to advice our clients as though their balance sheet were our own. Midway Management does not maintain an inventory of securities that must be moved. Our sole purpose is to assist our clients worth.

Corporate/Private Client Advisory

Midway Management Corporate and Private Client Services offers the ultimate trading experience. We deliver the most suitable options to meet the demands of corporate executives, company directors and individual investors.

Our consultants will work with you to discuss and create strategies to further your financial growth.

Our trading team, coupled with the outstanding Private Client Services team provides the most dynamic trading executions in a full range of markets. We offer a complete service in order to manage and maintain stock positions. Our options program is an example of our customised trading scheme.

Our aim to ensure you realise your true financial worth.

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    Our Investment Banking Team has built a strong reputation by enhancing the financial prospects of our clients.
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